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Have you ever had to deal with recurrent headaches? Do you wake to find your jaw sore or tired? Did you know that both of these problems could actually be caused by dental issues? Similarly, had you heard that our team can actually help you deal with these problems?

Sadly, one common cause of headaches and tight, painful jaws is bruxism, which is also referred to as teeth grinding. To make matters worse, if you have bruxism, you may not even recognize that you grind your teeth. This is a fairly serious problem because teeth grinding can eventually lead to tooth loss. Similarly, if your teeth grinding isn’t treated, you could have to cope with several other problems.

Unfortunately, TMJ disorder may be the reason you wake up with a sore jaw and headaches. If you have TMJ disorder, moving your jaw might be painful or even impossible. These issues occur since TMJ disorder affects the joint that controls your jaw movement.
Finally, please note that anxiety is another reason you that you could have headaches. Many people clench their teeth when they’re nervous, which is bad because it can lead to chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth. Furthermore, if you clench your teeth, you’ll be putting pressure on your jaw—ultimately leading to headaches.

Luckily, our team can offer you a number of solutions if you’d like to learn more about dealing with headaches in Westborough, Massachusetts. Our dentist, Dr. George Ghaly, and our team will gladly examine your teeth and answer any of your questions. We’re eager to receive your call at 508-366-1911!