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Are you familiar with common oral accidents and injuries that can lead to oral emergencies? Oral accidents and injuries can arise at any time in your life and can severely damage your teeth, gums, mouth and jaw. If for any reason any areas in your facial zones are at risk for damage, you will need to employ effective preventive techniques to help eliminate the risk of damage. However, accidents do happen from time to time, so you also need to have plans in place to help treat your mouth properly before professional care can be given.

In situations where you suffer direct strikes to your mouth that have damaged your teeth, you will need to assess the damage and provide appropriate care. If you have any broken teeth or teeth that appear chipped or cracked, you should save the pieces and clean out your mouth. Once you rinse out your mouth, apply gauze to the area so that bleeding is minimized. If your face begins to swell, you can apply a cold compress to the outside of your face to help. It is important to visit our dentist as soon as possible for timely treatment.

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