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What information have you learned about root canal therapy from friends or your dentist? Have you heard that it is an uncomfortable treatment that you never want to receive? While it is better to avoid tooth damage that could result in the need for root canal therapy, this treatment can actually be vital to saving your tooth and is no worse than having a cavity filled. We invite you to learn more about the tooth-saving ability of root canal therapy and why it may be a necessary treatment for your tooth.

You may need root canal therapy if you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay. For instance, heightened tooth sensitivity, gums that are tender or swollen and dental pain can all be signs that tooth decay has affected the center of a tooth. This is most often the result of an untreated cavity, and root canal therapy may be the only treatment that can remove decay once it has reached the point.

Another reason for root canal therapy is to treat tooth infection, which is often characterized by intense dental discomfort and swollen gums. However, some patients don’t feel any discomfort if the root dies— which can be the case with severe untreated infection—and may only know they have a problem if it is recognized during a dental checkup.

Another need for root canal therapy is to treat dental trauma caused by an accident. If your tooth changes colors after being struck, it may have been seriously injured, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our office.

If you have further questions about receiving root canal therapy in Westborough, Massachusetts, please feel free to contact GhalyDental at 508-366-1911 for an appointment with our dentist. Dr. George Ghaly can examine your teeth to determine the status of their health.