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Are you someone who has trouble sleeping the night before a visit to your dentist, whether it’s to have your teeth cleaned and an oral exam or having a dental filling placed? If going to the dentist makes you feel like crying, don’t worry, you are not alone! Dental anxiety is actually a common condition among people in general.

At GhalyDental in Westborough, Massachusetts our team understands the effects of dental anxiety and are happy to help you feel comfortable during your treatment time and have a positive dental experience. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons patients cite for dental anxiety and see if you recognize yourself in this mix!

Past experience: quite often patients who have had an uncomfortable dental experience in their past will still associate unpleasant experiences with going to the dentist for treatment.

Loss of control:  when you have to sit still in the dental chair to have a treatment done, this may make you feel nervous. This can be compounded when you can’t see what is happening and are worried about what to expect.

Self-consciousness: sitting still while your dental professional hovers over you in close proximity can make many people feel self-conscious, vulnerable and hence, anxious.

Pain: pain is probably the most common fear patients exhibit surrounding a dental treatment. This is usually an issue if the patient has had an uncomfortable procedure done before the modern advances in pain-free dentistry.

Thankfully, modern dentistry has provided us with options to help treat your anxiety. It starts with you letting us know you are anxious so that we can help you feel more in control, help you understand what your procedure will entail, and allowing us to provide you with the best way to feel relaxed, including using sedation dentistry.

Dr. George Ghaly and our team in Westborough, Massachusetts offer a variety of sedation options for our patients using sedative medication, depending on your needs and preferences. For more information, please call 508-366-1911 to speak with one of our caring staff. We look forward to helping your time with us be as comfortable as possible.