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If you are having trouble sleeping through the night, or if you wake up feeling tired, you may want to talk to our dentist about sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by interrupted breathing patterns while sleeping. Here are some facts about sleep apnea:

– Individuals who have a deviated septum or any type of nasal obstruction are at an increased risk for sleep apnea.
– Sleep apnea can appear in younger people, but it is most often seen in individuals over 40.
– Some types of allergies and sinus issues could increase your risk for sleep apnea.
– Although there are many causes of sleep apnea, you could be at a greater risk if you have a family history of the disorder.
– You are at a greater risk for suffering from a sleep apnea disorder if you have a very small jaw, large tonsils, or if your tongue is abnormally large.
– Men are more likely to struggle with sleep apnea than women.

If you would like to discuss a sleep apnea treatment with Dr. George Ghaly and the rest of our team here at GhalyDental, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our office in Westborough, Massachusetts. Our number is 508-366-1911. We look forward to helping you soon!